Pine Needle Oil – What Are Their Benefits

Pine Needle Oil

Korean red pine needle oil is highly regarded by aromatherapists and other practitioners of the art of using essential oils to promote health and well-being. Get the facts on this essential oil, including what it is, how to use it, and the advantages it provides when applied before bed.

What Is Pine Needle Oil

Pine oil is derived from pine trees. This oil comes from the earth and is not confused with pine nut oil. Typically used in the kitchen, pine nut oil is vegetable oil. Meanwhile, pine needle oil is a pale yellow liquid. While pine needle oil can be extracted from a number of different species, the Australian Pinus sylvestris pine tree is widely regarded as the best.

The scent of oil extracted from Korean red pine needles is typically earthy and woodsy. Balsam tree aroma is a common complaint. This healing oil is also known as fir needle oil, although the two are vastly different.

Why is Everyone Raving About Pine Needle Oil from South Korea

Pine needle oil has incredible properties. This essential oil is antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and antirheumatic. Many issues can be helped by using red pine needle essential oil, given its many benefits.

Korean red pine needle oil is effective for the following:

Respiritual Disorders

Congestion in the chest, whether from the flu or something more serious, might be relieved with pine pollen needle oil. In addition to its effectiveness as a decongestant, it also acts as an expectorant, allowing the body to expel accumulated mucus and fluid.

Diseases Of The Joints: Rheumatism And Arthritis

Rheumatism and arthritis are both characterized by joint and muscle stiffness. When applied topically, red pine needle oil has been shown to reduce pain and the inability to move significantly.

Skin Conditions Such As Epsom And Psoriasis

Numerous eczema and psoriasis sufferers have reported feeling relief from utilising this essential oil. Because pine pollen acts as an anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever.

Metabolism Slowdown

Many overweight individuals overeat because their metabolisms are slower than average. Pine oil has been demonstrated to increase metabolic rate and feel like a shot of adrenaline.

Water Retention And Bloating

Your body may be holding onto excess water from a high salt intake or something else. Korean red pine needle oil will help you flush that out.

Stress And Tension

Because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, this medicinal oil is great for easing the stress and anxiety that come with daily life. Furthermore, it has a pleasant aroma.

Free Radicals In Suppletion And Ageing

An excess of free radicals in the body is a significant contributor to unnaturally rapid ageing. Free radicals are neutralised by the abundance of antioxidants in this oil.

In What Ways Might This Oil Be Put to Use?

You should better understand how potent pine needle oil is now. You need to know how to put the oil to its best advantage.

Bedtime massage is a must

The aches and pains associated with the flu, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatism, arthritis, and injuries can be alleviated with a massage using oil extracted from Korean red pine needles.

  • To achieve this, fill a glass bowl with a carrier oil, such as magnesium or jojoba oil.
  • Use a wooden spoon to combine all of the ingredients. Now, grease your palms with some massage oil.
  • Rub your hands together briefly to warm the oil before applying it to your skin.
  • Massage the skin with firm but not overly vigorous strokes.

A pre-bedtime massage facilitates a relaxing night of sleep. Even better, the oil will have all night to absorb deeply into your skin as you sleep. Do that and see how well it works!

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