The Best ASP.NET Tools to Build a Mind-blowing Web Application

When you think of a software development kit (SDK), you probably imagine long nights writing code, debugging errors, and testing various functions. This is how most developers experience an SDK — spending hours in front of a computer instead of out socializing with friends. With that said, an SDK is a set of tools that make your life as a developer easier.

These tools streamline processes and accelerate the development cycle. When paired with the correct SDKs, any developer can create excellent web applications in little time and with minimal effort.

This blog post will cover the best ASP.NET tools to build a mind-blowing web application.

Web Platform Installer

The Web Platform Installer is a plugin for Visual Studio that lets you install all kinds of 3rd party tools and libraries for your ASP.NET project. The Web PI contains hundreds of devices like source control systems, code profilers, testing frameworks, and more. With the Web PI, installing a tool or library has never been easier. Click “install”, review the license, and install the tool. The best ASP .NET Development company India, uses such tools for their daily professional work.

Web Essentials – A Visual Studio extension

Web Essentials is a free extension for Visual Studio that provides several useful features for ASP.NET developers. Webs Essentials will detect common issues as you build your application and display them as red squiggly lines in your code. You can resolve most of these issues with a click of a button.

Web Essentials also provides a handful of valuable tools for managing your source code and debugging your application:

– Code Cleanup – With Code Cleanup, you can quickly and automatically format your source code based on a few simple rules.

– Code Snippets – Code snippets let you quickly create large sections of code that you use often. For example, you can create a code snippet for a page model or an authentication method.

– Code Navigation – You can quickly navigate your source code based on different rules.

– Code Analysis – Code Analysis lets you quickly scan your source code for common issues.

– Breakpoints – Breakpoints let you pause execution at a specified line of code to run tests or view the state.

– Debugging lets you pause execution at a specified line of code to debug your application.


TypeScripts is a language syntactically similar to JavaScript but statically typed. TypeScripts adds optional static typing to JavaScript with features like declarations, type literals, and type annotations. TypeScript can be used in all modern browser development environments using plugins that provide syntax highlighting and light coding assistance.


NuGet is a Visual Studio extension that lets you easily add 3rd party libraries to your application. You can search and install libraries right from the Visual Studio interface. Once installed, the libraries will appear in your Visual Studio solution as new project items. With NuGet, you can add popular libraries like jQuery, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, and more to your application.

Visual Studio Gallery

The Visual Studio Gallery is a marketplace for ASP.NET applications and source code. With the Gallery, you can browse and download several open-source applications and code samples for ASP.NET web apps. You can also upload your application to share it with the world. Any application in the Gallery can be installed like a standard Visual Studio extension.


LINQ Pad is a code editor for .NET developers. With LINQ Pad, you can write and execute code samples, test algorithms, and work through logic problems. LINQ Pad also lets you view documentation for many different libraries and APIs. With LINQ Pad, you can create and edit any code sample — not just .NET code. You can write SQL queries, GraphQL queries, and any other type of code sample in LINQ Pad. LINQ Pad also supports collaboration, letting multiple developers work on the same selection and see each other’s changes in real time.

NET Reflector

NET Reflector is a powerful tool that lets you view the source code of just about any .NET library in the world. With NET Reflector, you can see how a specific API works, debug the principle of a library or learn more about a given API. NET Reflector is helpful for more than just viewing source code. You can also make API calls and test the output.


ReSharper is a code editor for .NET developers. Like LINQ Pad, it includes several features that help you write code faster and more efficiently. With ReSharper, you can write code in a distraction-free editor, navigate your source code more efficiently, and see real-time progress on your unit tests.


ELMAH is an ASP.NET error logging extension. With ELMAH, you can write code samples that catch and display errors and debug messages in a centralized location. ELMAH can also display errors in real-time on your website to provide helpful error messages to visitors.

Web Essentials 

Web Essentials is a set of free tools for web developers and designers. It includes a download package with Visual Studio project assets, templates, add-ins, and extensions. The investments are available for Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code, two of the most popular developer tools in the market.

Web Essentials helps you be more productive by enabling you to work with project assets such as CSS files is a set of free tools for web developers and designers. It includes a download package with Visual Studio project assets, templates, add-ins, and extensions. The investments are available for Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code, two of the most popular developer tools in the market. Web Essentials helps you be more productive by enabling you to work with project assets such as CSS files.


NDepend is a code analysis tool for ASP.NET applications. With NDepend, you can analyze your source code for potential issues like inefficient algorithms or code that executes too slowly. You can also use NDepend to create code rules and best practices for your team to follow. NDepend is a powerful tool for managing large-scale software projects. It can be used to assess a single application or an entire codebase and provide insights on how to improve code quality and consistency.


SQLComplete is a productivity tool that enhances SQL Server Management Studio by including helpful features like tab coloring, script development, navigation, etc. With context-based code completion, code completion for CTE, managing aliases, object suggestions, code highlighting, and other features, this entirely customizable tool not only enhances the quality of the code but also streamlines the process of producing SQL queries.


The ReSharper tool has features that concentrate on analyzing the quality of the code. The Resharper tool not only finds code issues but also automatically fixes them. The automated code refactoring across the entire solution aids in modifying the code base. The project structure or even the old code can be significantly improved with the help of this tool.

Advantages of ASP.NET Development

In this fiercely competitive market, businesses are looking for new ways to help them stand out online. Building complicated apps with.NET takes less time, money, and labour. With our help, you can design an application precisely how you want it.

Scalable and reliable: NET is the ideal technology for creating business applications that can be modified fast and effectively. The framework is incredibly scalable and trustworthy when it comes to creating intricate business features and capabilities. We deliver outstanding app solutions by combining our technological expertise and foundation.

Less coding: It is an excellent framework to use while developing an application for your company. This enables developers to complete their work quickly and significantly save time. To supply everything needed for your business application, we take care of this.

Impeccable Security: Because of its well-known security, ASP.NET is regarded as a formidable technology. For your ASP.NET solutions, our team of Indian app developers can implement various algorithms and guarantee the most outstanding level of security.

Faster Performance: Using unparalleled capabilities like early binding, just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and out-of-the-box caching services, .NET is renowned for offering better performance. Our programmers can design attractive online and mobile applications by utilizing the functionalities and features of ASP.NET to the fullest extent possible.

Language-Independent: The framework’s ability to let you select the language that best meets your application’s demands is one of its key features. India App Developer is well-versed in numerous languages, including C#, C, C++, and many more, making it simple to create goods and solutions in any language you require.


These tools will help you build a better web application. Whether you’re writing code or testing functionality, these tools will help you do it faster and more efficiently. When selecting tools, make sure they support your development stack. For example, if you’re building an ASP.NET application, choose tools that help ASP.NET.  There are several ASP .NET Developers India who can help with the development process.

Similarly, if you’re building a website in React, ensure the tool supports React. As you write code and test functionality, these tools will make your life easier. You’ll be able to spend less time debugging and more time building a great application.

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