How to Know Moissanite Custom Engagement Rings are of Good Quality

moissanite diamonds

With good cause, the demand for moissanite diamonds has grown throughout time. This treasure is now the bride’s best buddy. Many believe that moissanite is a fantastic substitute for diamonds for a number of reasons. You can feel good about wearing a socially responsible gem because it is grown in a lab, and the quality is excellent. Moreover, great attention is given to custom engagement rings made up of moissanite. But it’s difficult to find for a common person the quality of tailored engagement rings. In this guide, you will catch the tips not to get cheated by jewellers. 

Consider a moissanite engagement ring. What to Look for in a Moissanite Engagement Ring? Before you search for the ideal stone, consider the following queries and their responses.

How can I determine whether the ring is of great quality?

Several moissanite grades are available, with some being superior to others. “You should buy a colourless stone if you want the greatest quality in your custom-made moissanite engagement rings. To achieve the most fire and brilliance from your moissanite gems, you should also search for flawless or hardly included stones.

Considering that moissanite weighs less than a diamond, people should also keep in mind what carats work best with a moissanite stone. “Diamond equivalent weight,” or DEW, is frequently used to describe moissanite so that people may comprehend how it compares.

Care Instructions for Your Moissanite Ring

Maintenance is essential for any stone. At least once a year, take your wedding ring to a specialist for cleaning and maintenance. The specialist will thoroughly clean the ring, clear away any accumulation around the stone, and clean underneath the setting. Additionally, you can take care of the ring yourself at home with a mild cleaner.

Try not to fiddle with the stone to keep the ring looking beautiful. Although it’s only natural to want to admire your ring, limiting how often you touch it will help to prevent ring growth.

3 Vital Things to Check in Quality 


The moissanite diamond could fall out if the setting is uneven or has gaps. To ensure you are selecting high-quality custom engagement rings in Canada, check the accuracy of the setting.


A cracking issue in custom engagement rings must be avoided since it will cause the rings to deteriorate over time and not last a lifetime. Porosity describes tiny surface holes that enlarge as you penetrate deeper into the metal.


It is crucial to take the thickness of the ring base into consideration when choosing the ideal moissanite custom engagement ring for you. The cost will initially be reduced when less metal is used or due to the inferior quality.


Another element of caring for your custom engagement rings is getting insurance. It’s wise to have some defence in case the ring was damaged in any way. Damages and, in the worst situation, theft will be covered by insurance. It’s ideal to have a strategy in place so that, in whatever situation, your engagement ring will be cared for. Affordable moissanite engagement rings are a fantastic substitute for diamonds for a number of reasons. They are less expensive and look elegant.

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