Top Tips to Prepare for CBSE Maths Board Examination

Top Tips to Prepare for CBSE Maths Board Examination


The best aspect of mathematics is that it is most likely the only subject in which you can score full marks. However, it is a misery for students for many reasons. Some find mathematics uninteresting, while others find it tough. Mathematics necessitates logical reasoning and analytical abilities. CBSE Class 10 mathematics preparation tips can assist students in organising their preparation for the CBSE board exam. Students can excel in the exam by properly implementing these CBSE 10th Mathematics preparation tips in 2023.

Top Tips to Prepare for the CBSE Math Board Examination

  • Understand your curriculum well

It is critical to review your curriculum course structure and unit-wise weightage. This will assist you in better planning and prioritising. Review the revised syllabus thoroughly before designing a preparation strategy. Once you’ve determined the unit weightage, you can decide how many hours you should allocate to each topic.

  • Don’t overlook NCERT

To do well in the CBSE class 10 math exam, you must be familiar with the NCERT textbook. The entire CBSE math paper has questions from the NCERT book. Crack every problem to grasp the topic thoroughly. 

  • Have a separate copy for formulas and theorems

Students must have a separate copy for math problems and one for equations, theorems, graphs, and concepts. This will be convenient during your last days’ revision.

  • Do not skip any steps

Try to solve your maths questions step by step. Every step is evaluated on the board examination. Thus, even if your solution is incorrect due to a miscalculation, you will still get some marks for the steps. Review the sample paper’s class 10 maths MCQs and long questions solved solutions to acquire the skill of formulating solutions in steps.

  • First, solve the easy questions

Start with the easy topics and then solve the difficult questions. This will save you time during the examination. You may have enough time to solve the difficult questions. So, it is best to start with the easy questions and then move ahead with the difficult ones.

  • Schedule time for graphs and figures

This is the best way to excel in your CBSE math exam. While outlining a graph or figure, pay close attention to detail as every step is evaluated on the CBSE board examination.

  • Solve math sample papers

To score 95 in the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics board exam 2023, you must solve as many possible MCQ Questions for Class 10 Maths Triangles and other chapter sample question papers. CBSE sample question papers help students understand the CBSE exam question paper pattern, paper structure, and question types.


CBSE Examinations are important for a student’s academic career, and feeling apprehensive before one is normal. Yet, if you plan smartly, you will have nothing to be concerned about. Following these top tips to prepare for the CBSE math board examination will assist students in providing answers accurately and swiftly in the main exam.

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