Signs Indicating Your Boiler Parts Need Repair Or Replacement

Boiler Parts

You would think that boilers are so crucial for half the year that this species relies on them, but it is not as simple as we should.

There are obvious warning signs, such as having to endure a freezing shower. But we have compiled a list that will help you keep an eye out for the more subtle indicators that your boiler may be on the verge of breaking down. Below are our top 8 warning signs your weil mclain boiler parts need to be replaced.

1. Your boiler has been in your home for over 15 years

While we are taught to respect our elders regarding boilers, this saying is irrelevant. Each boiler’s lifespan will vary depending on many factors, but your boiler should be able to last at least 15 years. It’s unlikely that your boiler will last that long.

If your boiler is nearing its end, you might consider investing in a new one. Despite how much it may hurt you to do so,

The annual service checks will help to maintain your boiler’s health. This will increase its chances of living a long, healthy life.

It’s like having a car. To maintain it and prevent it from malfunctioning, we have an MOT. Make sure you have your boiler serviced to avoid unpleasant surprises in winter.

2. Your energy bills are rising

Are you worried about your energy bills steadily increasing each month? Your boiler may need to be replaced. As a boiler age, its efficiency will decrease. 

Instead of panicking and destroying your boiler immediately, check the efficiency rating. British Gas says A-rated boilers have a greater than 90% efficiency and G-rated models only 70%. If your boiler has a lower rating than the recommended, you should save money to replace it before your energy bills rise.

3. Your boiler’s blue flame has become yellow

A healthy boiler should have a bright flame and burn brightly. Yellow flames indicate that your boiler weil mclain parts is not functioning correctly. You should call an engineer immediately to assess the severity of the problem.

This is important because a yellow flame could indicate a malfunction in your boiler. It is challenging to identify carbon monoxide because it is so odourless. However, you must spot it immediately.

4. Leakage in your boiler

It doesn’t necessarily mean you should dump your boiler. A leak could simply be a problem with an internal component such as a valve or seal. It’s best to get an engineer to inspect the situation before it causes more problems, such as corrosion and structural damage to your house, which you will definitely want to avoid.

Leaks signify that your boiler may not be as young and savvy as it once was.

A leak in your boiler can mean your heating system will not work efficiently, and you will have to wait impatiently for your radiators to turn on.

5. Radiators take longer to heat up

However, this does not mean you should wait for the heat to turn on to get you warm. Remain calm.

If your radiators take too long to heat up, this could indicate an internal problem (point four), but more often, it is a sign that the boiler is nearing its end.

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