13 thrilling and scary treks around kasol to explore



Kasol is the most popular destination for tourists in terms of trekking adventure , camping and much more . Situated at Parvati valley, it has a number of trekking spots for beginners who just want to explore and sit at the lap of nature . Or for the adventurers who love challenges and want to expand their limits with every other difficult adventurous trek !! Here below are listed the top 13 scary and thrilling trekking spots near Kasol . 

  1. Kheerganga Trek 
  2. Kasol trek 
  3. Malana trek 
  4. Sar pass trek
  5. Pin Parbati pass trek
  6. Rasol trek
  7. Chandratal trek
  8. Chandrakhani pass trek
  9. Mantalai trek
  10. Rudrang trek
  11. Grahan trek
  12. Kulta glacier trek
  13. Kalga trek
  • Kheerganga trek

It is one of the most daunting and difficult treks near Kasol . Located in deep Parvati valley it is 2592 m above sea level . It starts from Barshaini and total distance of this trek is 14km and takes nearly 2-3 hours . Well it might be very thrilling for beginners but when you witness astonishing mountains , pleasant meadows and greenery everywhere with a chilling temperature it will all be worth it . 

  •  Tosh 

Elevated at 2400m and located near the bank of Parvati river, this trek gives you the view of refreshing greenery , landscapes , glaciers and beautiful Parvati river flowing through . This whole trek covers a distance of 22km from Barshaini to Tosh where you will witness wooden houses and charming apple orchards. Sounds amazing to me !!

  • Malana 

Preesent at 2652 m above sea level Malana trek carries beautiful view of mountains and valleys . You can also visit Jamlu temple and Rukmini temple an ancient temple with wooden carvings and deer head . 

  • Sar pass 

Elevated at 13800 ft, this trek covers the distance of 48 km passing through snowy mountains, beautiful verdant landscape, forests, meadows and ice blankets . A frozen lake called “Sar ” connects Tita lotni and Biskeri Ridge and hence it is called Sar pass . This whole trek takes 5 days to complete and serves an daring experience for adventure seeking trekkers!! 

  • Pin Parbati pass 

It is one of the scary and thrilling trek side where you have to face sudden Rock falls , landslides , tremendous Parvati river crossing and hidden clefts in glacier crossing.  But it’s also a majestic experience at the same time when you will bless your eyes with beautiful snowy mountains , verdant meadows of Parvati valley , rich biodiversity and hot  water springs at Parvati Kund. It is 5319 m above sea level and if you want to explore every experience of this long and thrilling trek then give more days to this trek.

  • Rasol trek 

Rasol trek is simple but exhausting trek as it covers 8 km and takes 4-5 hours to complete. It is close to Malana and Kasol  and The Jamadagni Rishi temple present here is one of the ancient and popular sites for tourists. Make sure to explore wooden houses and greenery there.

  • Chandratal trek 

It is an 8 km long trek that takes 9 hours to complete and the journey takes you to the snow covered mountains everywhere ,with river rani flowing beside and also the small remote Hampa village, a very well known village to visit and witness the customs and the people living there. 

  • Chandrakhani pass trek 

Located near the kullu valey of Himachal Pradesh it comprises villages Pir , Panjal and Deo Tibha . It itself is a beautiful experience with majestic mountains , river water streams and picturesque flowers . 

  • Mantalai trek 

It covers 85 km to complete the trek filled with snowy mountains . It’s an awesome place to visit and sit in peace far from the regular work- life stress and just feel the cool breeze around.

  • Rudrang treek 

Rudrang trek is also daring treek with an uneven path . Located near the Kheerganga marg it covers almost 6 km . However the path is very narrow and at the very edge of the valley , quite dangerous and daring but once you reach up there you’ll get to see waterfalls, cafes and temples.   

  • Grahan trek 

Located 10 km from Kasol with snow capped mountains and beautiful views anywhere your sight reaches . It starts from the bridge that follows Grahak trek which is the highlight of this trek and then crosses wooden bridges and trekking to reach uphill where you can stay in the villages with your friends or companions and enjoy breathing in the lap of nature .

  • Kutla Glacier trek 

You can reach this location by 8 km from Tosh . It is a 3 km trek and takes 1 hour to reach . It comprises waterfalls , lakes , flat and green meadows, everything you want in your holiday that gives you immense coolness to your eyes and peace to your mind .

  • Kalga trek 

It comprises three villages Kalga , Pulga and Tulga . It’s wonderful to be there where there will be such breathtaking views. 


So these were the 13 most thrilling and scary treks around Kasol to explore . So hope you have a lot of fun with your next adventure and find immense peace exploring the beautiful majestic mountains and breathtaking nature around you .

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