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Top reasons to do camping in Rishikesh

camping in rishikesh


 Rishikesh  ” Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas” pr the “Yoga Capital of the world ” regarded as one of the holiest place for Hindus . It is also the center of tourist attractions owing to its beautiful geographical locations and spirituality. Where every year there is a large no of tourist gatherings at Rishikesh visiting temples , rivers, hills and valleys. Who doesn’t want to do camping watching breathtaking Himalayas with river Ganga beside and keeping away all the work – life stress aside !!! It sounds amazing to me and it will sound more amazing to you if I give top reasons to do camping in Rishikesh 

  1.  River Rafting
  2. Ganga river
  3. Ganga aarti
  4. Taking dips under Holy Ganga
  5. Spirituality
  6. Waterfalls
  7. Yoga
  • River rafting

Starting with river rafting it is one of the most popular adventurous sports in Rishikesh . And let me tell you how much adventurous and fun it looks it’s not a cake walk . You have to swing you arms back and forth against the  rapid hustling flow of water . When you’ll raft through these rumbling rapids there will be a mix of thrilling and fun experiences you’ll never had before . You can also add cliff jumping into your adrenaline rushing adventure.  

  •  Ganga river 

Imagine camping beside Ganga river with sounds of water flowing, temple bells ringing , chanting of prayers , cool breeze , beautiful view everywhere you look around. It’s beyond peaceful to camp beside the Ganga river. Which should be on your list when you visit Rishikesh . Just watching the flow of the water itself will give calmness to your mind and body. 

  •  Ganga aarti 

It is said that you haven’t visited Rishikesh if you haven’t attended Ganga aarti . And for that of course you have to wake up really very early in the morning , reach the Ghats so that you get better space to witness Ganga aarti . And you have to be really quick  as many pilgrims starts gathering from 3:00 am or even some from 2:00 am .But believe me it will all be worth it if once you just feel the spirituality inside and the divinity of the place with the belief of thousands of people chanting arti all along . 

  • Taking dips under holy Ganga

Ganga river is beyond spiritual and to experience that just take 3-4 dips in the holy river . As the water is so clean and pure that you feel cleansed of every worry, every negativity inside and you feel light . Your body and heart feels light as all the heaviness you carried inside all along gets cleansed . It is said that the water of Ganga river heals and yes it heals you mentally cleansing all the negative aura inside . So however chilling the water might be, you should try taking dips under holy Ganga. 

  • Spirituality 

Rishikesh is one of the holy places for Hindus in India . Sacred temples like Tryambakeshwar standing on the banks of the river , Shatrughna Mandir near Ram jhula and Lakshman temple where Lakshman Jhula is also situated. Upon visiting them you will gain immense spirituality inside . The sounds of bell ,the chanting of prayers , the smell of agarvattis,  the diyas, the view , the atmosphere of the  temple indeed gives spiritual experience which is worth experiencing .

  • Yoga

Rishikesh is the prime centre of yoga in all over the world . There are various yoga institutes or yoga workshops teaching and preaching yoga such as Shivananda ashram and many more .And who doesn’t want to sit calmly , understand , learn and experience our ancient heritage of Yoga , its principles and its practices . Numerous foreigners come from outside to learn and enrich themselves with the experience of meditation and yogic knowledge. And what’s better than performing yoga and meditation beside the Ganga river or the mesmerising mountains . At the lap of nature experiencing the stillness inside mind and body , calmness of breeze outside , birds chirping , flowing of streams and spiritual chanting.  It’s something that one should not miss!!!

  • Waterfalls 

Imagine camping beside Neer Garh waterfall around astonishing mountains , the rapid flow of water streams , and the tremendous flow of waterfalls .During the day one can click pictures in frame of such picturesque waterfalls and view or just sit calmly looking at the rapid flow of waterfalls , the greenery everywhere the smell of nature with your fav music at the background.  Woah, it sounds so peaceful.  And at night one can do camp fire with their favourite music , jamming , dancing whatever things you like . Himshail waterfall and Patna waterfalls are the must to visit waterfalls to be added in your list .


So Rishikesh is one of the beautiful places to explore in Uttrakhand . From waterfalls to mountains , river rafting to river bathing , Ganga aarti to yoga spirituality . It’s everything in one pack . When you visit make sure to explore your adventure side to the spiritual side to your peaceful side . And yes Rishikesh is one such place to experience your every side !!! So make sure to have the amazing experience you’ll remember for your lifetime.

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