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The Fastest-Growing Cities in Tennessee

Do you intend to relocate to Tennessee? You are not alone. Tennessee, the cradle of country music, is home to a rich culture and breathtaking beauty that are enjoyed by all citizens. The state is the 16th most populated in the US with about 7 million residents. Tennessee has a lot to offer potential inhabitants due to its diverse economy and reputation as a top tourist destination. But where precisely are people leaving Tennessee? We’re here to respond to that query. See which cities made the list as the fastest growing cities.

Murfreesboro, TN 

The Battle of Stones River, in particular, is the most famous American Civil War event to have occurred in Murfreesboro. Around 157,500 people call Murfreesboro home as of right now, an increase of 16% from 2017. People are relocating to Murfreesboro for a variety of reasons. First off, there are a few outstanding parks, including Richard Siegel Park, McKnight Park, and Barfield Crescent Park. Demos’ Restaurant, The Alley on Main, and Marina’s on the Square are just a few places that are certain to satisfy your appetite.

Clarksville, TN

The second-fastest growing city in Tennessee is Clarksville, which is well-known for being a historic town situated on the banks of the Cumberland River. Nearly 171,000 people now live in Clarksville, a rise of 12%. There is no shortage of things to do in Clarksville if you’re thinking about relocating there. Downtown also has a ton of fantastic eateries, bars, and shopping.

Smyrna, TN

Smyrna, Tennessee, is renowned for its historic sites, outdoor pursuits, and welcoming environment for families. You can also go for a stroll in one of the many parks, including Sharp Springs Park, Gregory Mill Park, and Lee Victory Recreation Park. Around 55,500 people call Smyrna, Tennessee, home, an 11% rise since 2017.

Nashville, TN

In Nashville, there is something for everyone. The average cost of Nashville apartments for rent is 2.1% less than it was a year ago. A studio apartment currently costs $887 on average, while a one-bedroom apartment costs $975. An apartment with two bedrooms should cost about $1,181. Three-bedroom flats and rental homes typically cost $1,557, while four-bedroom homes cost $1,959.

Franklin, TN

Franklin, a medium-sized city in Tennessee’s Williamson County, is situated in the state of Tennessee. The number of new residents in Franklin has increased significantly during the past five years. One of the cities in the country with the quickest growth rates is this one. With a population growth rate of 2.6% over the previous year and 17.7% over the previous five years, the population has reached 75366. Living in Franklin has an urban vibe; it can sometimes be faster paced than the nearby suburbs, but it’s not as fast paced as more densely populated cities. Typically, it’s easy to discover new activities, and compared to other cities, your money can buy a little bit more room.

Knoxville, TN

Living in Knoxville is more affordable since everything is less expensive than it would be elsewhere. Additionally, Tennessee does not impose a state income tax. Additionally, it’s simple to get rentals in excellent areas for quite low charges. Knoxville is among the top three most affordable locations to live in Tennessee since the average rent is actually $500 less per month than the average rent for the entire state (Jackson and Chattanooga are also among these). Many individuals adore living here because it enables them to reduce housing expenses while still taking advantage of all that this lovely city has to offer!

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